Potbellied Pigs

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Pigrest is our small pig sanctuary near Spalding, Lincolnshire

Run by husband and wife team Grenville and Barbara Owen who have been caring for pet pigs for over 18 years. In that time they have experienced having house pigs in the city of Birmingham but now keeping outside pigs in the heart of the Fens. Please come in an take your wellies off, sit ye down and find out all about us and our pigs.  

New Housing HousingHHou singOc   

As part of our continual improvement policy we have now introduced a new method of housing. This is in the form of a large multi animal pig ark made of very tough plastic. The ark is extremely heavy and we have sited it on a wooden floor which is mounted on thick wooden supports which sit on concrete paving slabs. This ensures that the floor is warm and dry no matter how wet the ground gets. The door is self closing which keeps the rain and wind out and there is a ventilator to the rear of the ark which helps prevent condensation. The doorway has a high lip which helps contain the straw bedding.   

Pig Keeper ?

University Of Liverpool are currently doing a survey on pig keepers and their pigs. As far as I know this is the first time that a survey has included pigs as pets and house pigs so if you are a pig keeper please take the survey. There is a draw chance to win £40 Amazon prize too so well worth the time.

Update On Pig Placement Policy

As of  21st October 2012 I will no longer offer to place pigs for other people. This year I have been asked to find homes for many pigs but have not had a single offer of a home for them from the public. I have found it hard to explain to those keepers who need to find homes for pigs that there are very few offers and  it is not fair to people who think that I am able to find them new homes. It does not give me any pleasure to have to publish this change of policy but in truth I have become increasingly frustrated with this situation. Please do not call me asking to find a home for your pig as I am no longer able to do so.

Is keeping a pig as a pet something you’ve thought about but need to know more ? Then this is the place to find out the facts. We are not trying to sell you anything so the information we give you is the real thing.